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Saving Money With E-Cigarettes

It’s no secret that e-Cigarettes are safer for you than traditional tobacco products, but they can also save you tons of money in the long run. Cigarettes are expensive, averaging about $6.00 (or more) per pack and hundreds or thousands every year. However, e-Cigarettes are a safer alternative, and switching could instantly start saving you money.

Saving Money

Everyday Use

A premium starter kit will save you money in the future. One cartomizer is equal to two packs of traditional cigarettes. You will probably use your Safer Smoke e-Cigarette less and less as time goes on and your cravings for nicotine lessen. Ever give a cigarette to coworkers or friends? That adds up. And forget constantly buying lighters and ashtrays; neither are needed with electronic cigarettes.


Studies consistently show that your health immediately improves as soon as you quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Lung capacity improves up to 10% in the first 9 months of quitting, and people who quit smoking can add 10 years to their lives. More energy, less coughing, better breathing. What does this mean? Fewer doctor’s visits, fewer medicines and lower health costs.


Cigarettes not only yellow teeth, but they cause tooth loss. Both can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Furthermore, nightly nicotine withdrawal while you sleep can cause you to toss and turn, resulting in bags under your eyes and a tired appearance. Smoking also decreases blood flow and supply, causing premature wrinkles. Why buy expensive creams and makeup? Switching to e-Cigarettes will not only make you feel better, but it will also make you look better.

Cover Ups

How much money do you spend every week trying to cover up the stench of cigarette smoke? Gum, breath mints, perfumes, colognes and air fresheners add up when used multiple times daily. Electronic cigarettes will save yourself these extra costs by emitting an odor-free vapor.


Conventional cigarettes are always subject to governmental taxes. The federal excise tax is $1.01, and the Kansas state tax is currently .79 cents. New York’s tax tops the charts at $4.35. Many states’ excise taxes are $2.00 or more, and they are always subject to increase.


There are many ways, directly and indirectly, that switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will save you money. Not only that, the health benefits are endless. Contact us and make the switch to save money today!


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