E-Cig Batteries

Make one aspect of your life simpler and everything just feels easier. Safer Smoke Supply electronic cigarettes are better because of our rechargeable Lithium-Ion e-cig batteries. Rechargeable batteries save you the hassle of always buying new batteries for your e-cig. And you won't have to worry about your your battery depleting after half a day's use. Our e-cig batteries last longer than our competitors.

What is different about our e-cig batteries?

Our e-cig batteries:

  • Are designed to be stronger and last longer.
  • Are one of the quickest electronic cigarette batteries to recharge.
  • Will automatically stop charging when fully charged.
  • Have a quality control microchip lets you know when the cartomizer has been "drawn" too often – "hot boxing" in traditional smoking terms.
  • Are wrapped in a sturdy casing for protection and come in many different colors.
  • Have "Skin" wraps for Safer Smoke Supply batteries that are designed and developed by professional artists. These "Skin" wraps let you quickly change the look of electric cigarettes to fit your mood and your surroundings. More decorative skins will soon be available.
  • Have the lowest prices for the quality of smokeless cigarettes we supply.


Declutter your life with a rechargable e-cig.

E-cigs with rechargeable batteries help simplify and clean up every aspect of your life, from your lungs to your finances and everything in between. Chances are you have a couple empty cigarette cartons in the back seat floor of your car. You can clean up your space and replace those with a rechargeable e-cig. You’ll also save thousands of dollars over the rest of your life on the cost of cigarettes. Safer Smoke's e-cig batteries allow you to smoke when and where you want. They last longer and charge quickly!

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